6 seater golf cart

Golf carts have been a game changer in golf, speeding up play and creating comfortable breaks between holes. They promote friendly chats while reducing the exercise factor, making golf fun. These modern rides aren’t just for the golf course. They offer hours of pleasure for short trips and are eco-friendly.

Golf carts aren’t just about golf; They’re like modern minicars that zip around and make short trips a blast. They have made golf faster and more enjoyable by giving players comfortable breaks between holes for chats. In addition, they are environmentally friendly! Whether a golf pro or weekend player, a golf cart is your ticket to a more enjoyable round.

Check out the top picks for 2024 and join the golf experience!

1. Tomberlin SS Saloon 6 Passenger Golf Cart

When you are looking for peak performance, luxury, and style in the 6 person golf cart then you should opt for the SS saloon model. This includes high-quality standard elegance, and all luxury features such as 14- inches aluminum wheels, a phone bracket, a high back lounge, and upholstered seats with a headrest as well as a blacklist interior, roof headliner with Bluetooth stereo.

You are also facilitated with electric steering, a rear vision camera, a sound system, hydraulic brakes, and a brushless 5kw AC motor. So you will never desire to buy another cart after owning it.

Key features

  • Electric power steering 
  • 5 kW, 17 hp AC drive motor
  • 450 amp Sevcon AC controller
  • 1050w on-board smart charger
  • Dual USB and 12-volt power ports
  • 2 forward speed & reverse control 


The best option is the Kandy Electric Golf Cart Cruiser 6P AGM in a fiery red shade, as this cart is powered by electricity, making it eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Say goodbye to gas stops and hello to more rounds of golf.

With six comfortable seats, this cart is perfect for a golf party. The Kruiser 6P AGM boasts a smooth ride with its AGM batteries, ensuring your trip to the green is as smooth as the perfect putt. In addition, the color red adds a touch of style to your golfing experience.

Key Takeaway

If you want to take your golf experience with a golf cart, there is no better option than the Kandy Electric Golf Cart Cruiser.

  • Electric power for an eco-friendly drive.
  • Spacious six-seater design for a golfing fiesta.
  • Smooth ride with AGM batteries.
  • High Versatile.
  • Stylish red color for a touch of flair.


The Black 6 Passenger Seat Illuminated Limo Golf Cart is ready to roll with its high-tech lithium batteries and lifted limo styling. Say goodbye to charging hassles. The lithium batteries in this cart pack a punch and last longer, giving you more time on the green.

This golf cart also carries passengers. It has the entire golf staff. Six seats mean more laughter, more joy, and more fun. The lifted design ensures a smooth ride, while the limo-style seats add luxury.

The aluminum frame makes this cart strong yet lightweight, ensuring you navigate the golf course with ease and style.

Key Features

  • High-tech lithium batteries for longer-lasting power.
  • Roomy six-seater design for a golfing party.
  • Lifted design and limo-style seats for a touch of luxury.
  • High-performance tires
  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame for easy navigation.

4. ICON i60L Golf Cart

The Icon i60L is the ultimate electric golf cart that can zip up to 25 mph! With an impressive range of 50 miles per charge, it’s a winner on the golf course. You can bring up to five people in its zone on comfortable seats and plenty of legroom. It’s a mini entertainment hub with a digital touchscreen, Bluetooth music, and many USB ports.


  • Six-Seater Marvel: With space for six, it’s perfect for group outings or family adventures on the course.
  • Quiet and Smooth: The i60L offers a quiet and smooth ride.

  • Stylish Looks: The i60L defies that notion with its sleek design, making you the trendsetter of the fairway.


  • Limited Off-Roading: While it’s perfect for the golf course, don’t expect the i60L to handle rough terrains like a rugged off-road vehicle.

6-Seater Golf Carts – Buying Guide


6-seater golf carts come in various price ranges, so figuring out how much you can afford is essential. Don’t worry; you don’t need a calculator for this! Just think about what feels comfortable for your wallet.

Tip: Look for carts that fit your budget and provide good value for the money. You want to avoid ending up with a golf cart that’s all bells and whistles but leaves your wallet sad.


Think about the design that suits your style. Some are sleek and modern, while others have a classic charm. Look for features like comfortable seating, a stylish roof, and cup holders for your favorite drinks. A cool-looking golf cart can make your rides more enjoyable!


You want a cart that can handle different terrains and occasional bumps without falling apart. Check the material of the frame and tires. Sturdy materials like steel and durable rubber can ensure your cart stays in tip-top shape for a long time.

High Performance

Look for carts with a reliable engine and a smooth transmission. The engine is like the heart of your cart, and you want it to beat steadily without any hiccups. Also, check the brakes. Some golf carts even come with extra features like music players or lighting.


The 6 seater golf cart provides numerous advantages, from spaciousness and convenient ride to simple maintenance. Plus they boost the golfing excursion. They can provide assistance to physically disabled persons and help you to have wonderful beach trips as well you can better explore the sceneries of nature on beaches and resorts. So no option is better than 6 passenger golf carts for individuals who are searching for a safe, incredible, and eco-friendly vehicle. This is the best, pleasant, and safest method of transportation in a residential as well commercial area as well as move around the resort, golf course, and beach. They can provide the extra service of cargo and luggage transport in airports, railway stations and bus terminals.

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