Common golf mistakes

Are you ready for a blast with one of the most incredible sports ever? Golf is all about fun, companions, and fresh air. But let’s face it, everyone goofs up their swing when they start. No worries, though! I’ve got the lowdown on the common slip-ups and how to fix them.

You are swinging a golf club like a pro. I’ve gathered the usual suspects of swing mistakes and got your back on fixing them.

So, get ready to up your game and have a blast on the golf course!

The Most Common Golf Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes I’ve noticed from my years of experience:

1. Wrong Club Size

Like that, you’re on the fairway, ready to make that perfect shot, but oops! You’ve got the wrong club in your hands. Using the right-sized club is crucial. You might hit the ball too high or miss it if your club is longer.

On the other hand, if it’s shorter, you could hit the ground before the ball and mess up your posture. So, picking the right-sized club is like finding the perfect fit for your swing!

So, how do we fix this?


  1. Choose the right club based on the distance to the hole.
  2. Go for the lower-numbered clubs like irons.
  3. Opt for the higher-numbered ones like wood.

2. Bad Posture

Now, let’s talk about posture. It’s not just about looking good; it plays a massive role in your swing. You are trying to hit a bullseye in darts with wobbly legs. It’s not easy; the same goes for golf.

Solution: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly, and keep your back straight. It’s getting ready for a friendly game of catch balance and prepared to make that perfect throw.

3. Poor Swing Path

Swinging the golf club is an art, but sometimes we get off course. It can hurt your game if your swing resembles a roller coaster instead of a smooth ride.

Solution: Imagine swinging the club in a straight line. A train track is on the ground, and your club is following it. Keep it smooth. There is no sudden pull, just a nice, even mix.

4. Trying To Scoop The Ball

If you’re struggling to make the golf ball go high or attempting a tricky flop shot without much know-how, you might be tempted to scoop the ball, thinking that’s how you get it up in the air.

Trying to lift the ball might send it in weird directions. It’s a common mistake because it seems like the natural thing to do – you want the ball up, so you try to scoop it up. But, believe it or not, that’s not the right move.

Remember, to get the ball soaring, you don’t need to dig it. It’s more like you want to give it a good fling. So, next time you’re out on the course and aiming for height, think less about scooping and more about giving the ball a minor launch.

5. Swinging Too Hard

For instance, you’re on a short par 5, eyeing that green in two shots. Feeling energy, you swing with all your might, inspired by golf Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, your excitement messes with your swing, and the ball veers off to the right. Giving it your all is incredible, but being clever about it is just as crucial.


When you’re about to take a swing, give it all you’ve got, like you’re fighting a golf ball villain. If you feel wobbly or lose control, dial it down a bit.

Some golf pros say that if your swing goes wild, it might be because your backswing is doing a marathon. So, Keep it from going beyond parallel at the top.

Remember, buddy, golf is all about balance and control. Swing hard, but not so hard that you’re doing acrobatics on the course.

6. Not Aiming

The first super important thing is to point your club in the right direction. It’s like throwing darts at a board. If you’re not looking, it won’t work out well. You want to care where the ball goes before you swing your club; that’s a recipe for a bad score.

Even if sometimes you miss hitting the ball, always try to aim for a target. It’s like trying to score points in a game – you must have a plan and strive for success!

Solution: Pick a spot on the fairway where you want the ball to go. Focus on that spot and swing away.

7. Poor Clubface Control

In golf, hitting the ball straight depends greatly on how your clubface is positioned. Not controlling the clubface can lead to unpredictable shots. One reason for losing control is not holding your club correctly with your wrists during your swing.

The tricky part is many golfers need to realize they struggle with this. But, the pros, the golf elites, can quickly spot if your clubface needs to do its job right at impact.

Solution: Keep an eye on your clubface. And you want it pointing towards 12 when you hit the ball. Consistency is essential to keep that clubface in check for a smoother game.

8. Ball Position

Many new golfers often place the ball in the wrong spot because they don’t realize it should change. A big mistake in golf is starting with the ball in the right place for your swing and adjusting its position for different shots. So, Placing the ball in the right spot is crucial for a successful shot.

Solution:  Don’t just start with it in the right place; move it around for different shots. That way, you’ll be a golf pro in no time!

9. Rolled Shoulders

When you’re starting to play golf, some golfer tends to bring their shoulders too close during their stance, messing up their swing. That can make you hit the ground before the ball and mess up your shot.

Solution: Keep those shoulders level; if you disturb their position, instantly pull them back, your shoulders working together to make that perfect shot.

10. No Warm-Up

The last mistake I noticed was that the golfer needed to warm up before starting the game. Before starting a round of golf, our body needs a warm-up.

So, how do we fix this mistake?

Solution: Take a few practice swings. Warm-up gets your body in the zone, ready for the challenges ahead.


Addressing these common mistakes is essential to becoming a pro golfer. I’ve listed some of the most common mistakes I predict from my own golfing experience. Remember, golf isn’t just about hitting the ball; It’s about the joy of improvement. So, grab your clubs, head to the course, and enjoy the game!

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