Golf Scrambles

Golf scrambles are popular tournaments known for their relaxed rules and team spirit. In this format, players work together to achieve the best possible score, often enjoying shots from parts of the course rarely seen in regular play. Unlike stroke play, scrambles prioritize collective performance over individual scores, making them ideal for charity events and fundraisers.

What is a Scramble in Golf?

A scramble in golf means that teammates play together, choosing the best shot each time. It’s like a teamwork game where everyone helps pick the best spots. Typically, teams consist of two to four players. They all hit the same spot and decide which shot to use for the next one. This makes it easier because the team always chooses the best place to hit. Scrambles are fun to play during golf events and tournaments, making the game fun for everyone involved.

The Rules for Playing Golf Scramble

Players can improve their lie by one club length in the golf scramble, except for hazards such as sand or water. Players must play from there without moving if the best shot is compromised, losing a club-length advantage.

Here, the most common rules in Golf scrambles include the following:

1. Team Selection and Tee-Off

  • Teams of four players tee off on each hole.
  • The team’s captain decides on the best shot, usually the longest drive.

2. Shot Selection and Play

  • After the best shot is chosen, players hit from that spot.
  • Each subsequent shot is played within one club length of the selected spot, except in hazards like sand or water.
  • Shots on the green must be played within a putter’s head where the ball stopped.

3. Scoring

  • Only one ball counts per hole.
  • The team aims to achieve the lowest score for each hole.
  • The best score for each hole is tallied to determine the team’s total score.

4. Tiebreakers

  • In case of a tie, organizers randomly select a hole.
  • The lowest score on the hole chosen determines the winner.
  • If tied scores persist, progression from that hole continues until the tie is broken.

5. Optional Rules and Mulligans

  • Some events allow the purchase of mulligans before the round.
  • Mulligans permit an additional shot from the same spot to improve results.
  • Teams may use mulligans on putts to enhance their chances of scoring lower.

Playing golf scramble involves teamwork, strategy in shot selection, and adherence to specific rules to ensure fair play and enjoyment for all participants.

Strategies to Help Win at Scramble Golf

Practicing the right strategies in golf can increase your chances of winning. Therefore, it is very important to follow the right approach to boost your golf experience. 

Here are some of the most effective techniques you should follow:

1. Build a Winning Team

Assemble a team with different skills: accuracy off the tee, long hitters, and good putters. Having a mix boosts your chances.

2. Choose Your Order Wisely

Start with the most accurate player from the tee. Their good shot sets up opportunities for the rest. Let the long hitter swing last to maximize distance without pressure.

3. Make Smart Decisions on the Fairway

If the accurate player finds the Fairway, others can take risks. On par-5s, go for the green in two; on par-4s, aim closer to the pin. No pressure means impressive shots.

4. Nail Your Putts

Have the second-best putter go first to set the line. The best putter should go last for the highest chance of sinking it. The weakest putters go in the middle for low-risk shots.

5. Mulligans Matter

Save mulligans for short putts, wedges, and chips. Use them wisely, and don’t save them all for the last hole.

6. Play the Best Ball

Pick the ball with the best lie and view to the hole for approach shots. Consider factors like fairway lie and green break for optimal play.

Following these strategies can boost your team’s chances of winning at scramble golf.

Tips for Organizing a Scramble Round

Organizing a scramble round is a fun way to play golf with friends. You can start by deciding if it will be a two-man, three-man, or four-man scramble. Two teams play together for a two-man scramble, while you might need tee times for larger groups.

Before the round begins, ensure everyone knows the rules, like if you’ll allow mulligans or other special rules. Each team plays separately for bigger groups, and the winner is decided by comparing scorecards. Scramble rounds offer a refreshing change from regular stroke play and add excitement to your golf game.

Different variations of scramble golf

Texas scramble

Texas scramble is a fun twist on traditional scramble golf, but with a special rule: each team member must contribute to a minimum of four drives. This means everyone gets to show off their skills and help the team score well. It’s a great way to enjoy golf with friends while adding a bit of strategy to the game.

Florida scramble

In Florida Scrabble, golfers sit one stroke after each shot, except during the initial drive on each hole. This variation adds strategy as teammates choose the best shot and plan who will hit the next stroke. This keeps the game exciting and requires teamwork to navigate the course effectively. Players enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of this dynamic format, enhancing their overall golf experience.

Las Vegas scramble

In the Las Vegas scramble, four teams roll a six-sided die to choose whose drive they use on each hole. Each team strategizes to make the most out of their rolls and players’ skills. It’s a lively format keeps everyone on their toes and adds excitement to the round.


Bramble mixes Scramble and best ball. Initially, players work together to scramble. Then, each player competes individually to the end of the hole. It’s teamwork followed by solo play, adding a twist to the game. At Bramble, golfers team up, then go it alone, navigating the course with strategy and skill.


Ambrose, a twist on the classic Scramble, adds to the team’s handicap. Each player’s net score, adjusted for their handicap, contributes to the team total. This format promotes teamwork and strategy as players collaborate to achieve the best results. At Ambrose, it’s not just about individual performance but a collective team effort.

Final Thoughts

Golf scrambles are exciting tournaments where players work together to achieve the best score. They choose the best shot from each player and strategize to make smart decisions on the course. To win, teams need a mix of skills and should make wise choices about shot order and using mulligans. 

Organizing a scramble round is a fun way to play golf with friends, and there are different variations, like the Texas scramble and Florida scramble, add unique challenges and excitement to the game. Overall, golf scrambles encourage teamwork, strategy, and enjoyment for all players.

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